Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Recruitment--- AI Researcher/ Assistant Researcher

The Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University is an international and innovative center which aims to provide a high-level platform for educational research cooperation and cross-cultural communication on future education.
Supported by the Beijing municipal government, the center focuses on promoting the transition of Beijing educational public service from digitization to intelligence and supporting the establishment of a new model of educational service based on big data and artificial intelligence.
To pursue new heights in research and build a broader international platform, we are now opening new positions to both China and the world.
AI Researcher/ Assistant Researcher
Job Description
Artificial Intelligence Researcher:
1. Carry out data mining for learners’ behavioral characteristics, knowledge structure characteristics, literacy features, with the help of machine learning methods.
2. Undertake modeling for educational predictive issues, and systematic back testing.
3. Get engaged in the technological researches on educational ontology semantic analysis, natural language processing, image processing and etc.
4. Post personalized recommendations on learning contents, learning partners, experts in accordance with learners’ characteristics.
5, Cooperate with big data technical staff, and participate in the design and operation of educational big data computing framework.
AI Assistant Researcher:
1. Engaged in technological researches on Natural Language Processing, image processing related to the field of education.
2. Design and operate deep learning model frameworks.
3. Cooperate with other technical staff, and participate in designing and operating educational big data computing frameworks.
4. Complete some missions such as data pre-processing and feature extraction.
Artificial Intelligence Researcher:
1. Ph.D. degree (or Master's degree) in AI and related fields.
2. Solid theoretical research backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and etc. In-depth understanding of various algorithms for machine learning. Able to conduct research independently.
3. Applicants should have practical experience in data pre-processing, classification, and prediction; Should be familiar with at least one of the following languages: R, Python, C / C + +, Java, Scala and etc.
4. Teamwork ability and able to work under pressure.
AI Assistant Researcher:
1. Master’s degree or higher in Artificial Intelligence or related fields.
2. Research backgrounds in artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP is necessary. Applicants with open source projects experience are preferred.
3. Familiarity with deep learning framework is preferred, such as Tensorflow, Theano, Torch and so on.
4. Solid programming skills; proficiency in at least one of the following languages: Java, Python, Scala or R, and familiar with Ubuntu and other UNIX operating systems.
5. Ability to read and write in English.
6. Good communication skills and teamwork ability, work hard and can work under pressure.
7. Good command of Chinese is a plus.
Application Procedure
1. Resume. Please list your academic and work experiences, published academic papers, scientific research projects, honors and etc.
2. Cover Letter; Please indicate where you find the job opportunity at the beginning.
3. 1-2 academic papers can be attached (Optional)
4. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Skype interview can be arranged for overseas applicants.
5. Please put "Position+ Name+ AICFE " in the email subject line, and send all the documents to